In the spirit of decentralization, we decided to hold the 7th annual Urban Social Forum in 2019 in a smaller but more intimate setting dubbed as USF Sambang Kota or USF City Connections in English. The Sambang Kota forums manifested our effort to cultivate the spirit of inclusive and democratic spaces for exchanging knowledge on pressing urban issues, which is the heart of what we have been consistently promoting up until the forum’s seventh year.

In November and December 2019 and February 2020, we organized forums in Surabaya, Solo, and Makassar respectively, addressing local challenges and its connection to a broader sense of urban issues at national and global contexts. The "Sambang Kota" forums were co-organized with civil society organizations in both host cities, maintaining its purpose as a networking event.

Sambang Kota Surabaya

Sambang Kota Solo

Sambang Kota Makassar

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